There are many advantages of Xtraice synthetic ice but today we want to tell you about the health benefits of skating on a synthetic rink. Since we are living in times of a pandemic, we are more aware of the importance of our physical and mental health to have a full life. It is already known that physical exercise, like skating, releases endorphins, the so-called hormones of happiness. Before the outbreak of the pandemic, doing outdoor activities were highly beneficial, nowadays even more so. Therefore, activities in open spaces such as skating on synthetic ice are a guarantee to substantially improve our mood.

Read on to learn more about the benefits of synthetic ice skating for our health!

Benefits from skating for your physical health and for your mind

Skating on Xtraice synthetic ice is an ideal option for adults and children to take part in an easy physical activity that takes us away from our daily inactive lifestyle. A perfect excuse to disconnect from our daily routine and relax doing something that is beneficial for both body and mind. Synthetic ice skating is not only a sport activity and a fun way to hang out. At the same time, it is a social activity that can release stress.

There are many benefits of skating on synthetic for our health, so let us tell you all the virtues one by one!



cuerpo (1)There are many alternatives for doing sports, but not all of them have the great advantages that Xtraice synthetic ice rinks offers:

– Keep in shape all year round: There are no excuses. Some years ago you could only skate in winter, but nowadays Xtraice provides synthetic ice rinks that resist high temperatures and allow you to practice skating all year round, both outdoors and indoors.

– Falling does not mean injuries: The surface is not as hard as ice, so falling on synthetic ice hurts much less, and you don’t get wet either! Even so, the use of protective equipment (helmet, knee and elbow pads) is always recommended since it is always better to prevent possible injuries.

– Strengthens the heart and improves breathing: Skating on synthetic ice activates blood circulation. Being an aerobic sport, it accelerates the heart rate, strengthening the heart and also helping the respiratory capacity.

– Helps to eliminate body fat and fight overweight: skating makes you lose weight, yes! By being in constant movement we burn calories and maintain a good physical shape. With 30 minutes of skating activity per day we can burn up to 300 calories (this depends on each person and each specific case).

– Helps to improve your body position: Skating on synthetic ice must be done by  keeping your back in a straight position, your shoulders low and your abdomen activated. Doing so we improve our body position, which will help avoid possible back problems.

– Improves balance, motor skills and coordination: When we skate on a synthetic surface, we use and support ourselves on skates with blades. We must be able to maintain a good corporal balance. In this way we develop and improve our coordination. And the best part is that we hardly notice it!

– Strengthens the muscle mass of the whole body and improves physical resistance: Synthetic ice skating naturally strengthens the muscles, especially those of the lower limb. It also tonifies the buttocks, waist and abdomen. Therefore, it is an appropriate activity for people who are overweight or those persons who want to lose  some extra kilos.


Synthetic ice skating also brings multiple benefits at the level of the mind:

For us the most important matter is that it is pure fun. No one will deny that you will boost your adrenaline level when you get on your skates. It is an original and challenging activity, which makes it very entertaining.

– Search for progress and self-improvement. Skating on a synthetic rink does not require much skill. In fact, this type of surface is ideal for beginners and young children. It only takes a little more effort to make the skating movement. And it is always possible to add difficulty with turns and more complex movements. Regular practice on synthetic ice will improve your  skating very quickly!

It is a perfect activity to enjoy with family or friends. Skating on synthetic ice allows you to spend time with your loved ones doing a fun and healthy activity. For children it is a different activity that they can share with their families. Therefore, it is also beneficial on an emotional level.

Encourages sports and teamwork: Xtraice skating rinks allow individual skating but also as a group activity. One of the greatest advantages is that skating on synthetic ice does not generate any sort of frustration or stress between partners.

Breaking the routine: By being able to practice during any time of the year, both indoors and outdoors, it allows you to do something outside your home. A perfect activity to do after school or after work, and of course on holiday!

Helps to relax: Physical exercise favors the release of endorphins, which produce a feeling of happiness and euphoria, and improves your daily rest. Skating on synthetic ice is a perfect activity as you get all the benefits as a sport without the feeling that you are really exercising.

A highly social activity to make new friends: Synthetic ice skating is a perfect social activity. It is more than likely that your children will make friends on the rink spontaneously. The atmosphere that surrounds an Xtraice rinks is fun and cheerful, getting skaters and visitors to socialize with each other.

All these points are proof that skating on synthetic ice is more than healthy!

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