Figure skating rink

These days, synthetic ice is a real alternative to a conventional figure skating rink.

Xtraice synthetic ice panels are 95% similar to conventional ice, so figure skating on Xtraice allows for movements which are identical to those on traditional ice, only requiring more marked support. As a result, skaters prepare better, both physically and technically, during their training sessions. Consequently, it is not surprising that many professionals and amateurs have decided on Xtraice synthetic ice for their training centers or even for actual shows and event performances.

As a result, Xtraice synthetic ice figure skating rinks allow for bold and original projects like figure skating at circuses or even in theaters. The possibilities with Xtraice are endless and allow any type and size of project to be carried out thanks to an experienced and professional team willing to offer solutions for any client request. Furthermore, as an added bonus, training centers that implement synthetic ice cost much less than facilities with real ice since they don’t require water or electricity for maintenance.

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Xtraice synthetic ice for figure skating
Xtraice figure skating surface

Yet some figure skaters are still biased when training on synthetic ice, arguing that this type of surface is dry and makes skating difficult, which is only true if we look at old technologies for synthetic ice. However, the market revolution thanks to the arrival of Xtraice has managed to change this perspective.

Xtraice technology has revolutionized the synthetic and ecological ice sector. Xtraice has combined the knowledge of the best chemical material scientists and different ice sport professionals to develop a new generation of synthetic ice surfaces which are specially manufactured for figure skating ice rinks.



The same gliding sensation as conventional figure skating ice rinks


Portable rinks to use in travelling shows

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Zero energy costs


100% modular


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