Xtraice was founded in 2003 when we stepped onto the market to revolutionize synthetic ice rink companies, changing the way people think about the sector. We are the world leader among synthetic ice rink builders and distributors of synthetic ice rinks thanks to a business model based on constant innovation and our versatile team with experience in the ice and entertainment sector.

We focus our efforts on the annual development of a new generation of synthetic ice rinks that offer the best gliding sensation. Our dedication to quality, environmentally-friendly products has been recognized by some of the most prestigious brands around the world. Our synthetic ice is not only number one in terms of quality, its distinguishing characteristics make it the only ecological ice available on the market.

Xtraice CEO, Adrian Ortiz Rivera

Adrian Ortiz

Director of Finances Xtraice:Ana Murillo

Director of Finances
Ana Murillo

Xtraice Technical Manager, Alberto Sandino

Alberto Sandino

Xtraice Sale Manager

Sales Manager
David Juhel

Xtraice Marketing: Reyes González Rodríguez

Reyes Gonzalez

Xtraice Inventory Control, Jesús Morales

Xtraice Inventory Control

Logistics & Sales Assistant_ Irene Fernandez

Logistics & Sales Assistant

Jorge Vera Cazarín, Xtraice engineer

Engineering Department

Xtraice team in Germany

Xtraice in Germany


Thanks to the undeniable success of Xtraice ice rinks, they are currently found in more than 95 countries on the 5 continents and are exported around the world. The superiority of our product is something agreed upon by our clients around the globe, who come from various sectors ranging from entertainment to professional sports: Disney, the NHL’s Detroit Red Wings, Surya Bonaly and the John Hancock Center in Chicago, to name just a few examples.


Xtraice is a leading provider of ecological synthetic ice rinks throughout North America, offering an innovative solution to traditional ice skating. With over 20 years of experience, we have earned recognition in both the United States and Canada for our diverse range of projects. Our seasoned team is prepared to provide you with expert advice tailored to your project, leveraging our presence in North America.

With a commitment to perpetual growth, our dedicated teams remain steadfast in addressing your specific needs, offering unwavering support for your projects across the entire region. We pride ourselves on delivering tailored solutions and fostering meaningful human connections.

Over the years, we have forged enduring partnerships with numerous hockey institutions (such as The Florida Panthers, Detroit Redwings, etc.), hockey players (like Aaron Ekblad, Bobby Butler, etc.) amusement and play parks (including Disneyland, Bolder Park Grand Prairie, etc.), shopping centers (like The John Hancock Center Chicago, Simon Property Group), municipalities and city parks (like St. Louis Gateway Arch, City of Vernon TX, Ontario Place) prestigious hotels (such as The Peninsula Hotel in Chicago, Hilton, etc.), FEC’s, private entrepreneurs and hockey training facilities.

Moreover, our expertise extends to undertaking extraordinary and prestigious ice rink projects, which demand specialized techniques and logistical prowess.

Xtraice Poland: Artur Wiercinski

Xtraice in Poland

Xtraice in North America (US & Canada):Paul Perez de Guzman

Xtraice in North America

Xtraice team Spain, Portugal and Latin America

Xtraice in
Spain, Portugal and Latin America

Xtraice Rest of the world: Marcus Mens

Xtraice in Rest of World

Randy Scharberg_ Sales Export Specialist

Sales Export Specialist

Xtraice team in Italy

Xtraice in Italy

Xtraice in France

Xtraice in France

Fran Nogales, Xtraice

Structures department

Xtraice Skates & Sharpening Department

Skates Department

Xtraice Warehouse Manager

Warehouse Manager

Quality department Xtraice

Carpentry department

Xtraice Technical Department

Technical Department

Maintenance Department

Maintenance department


Xtraice has been recognized with numerous awards and international certifications from multiple institutions around the world.






Caixa Emprendedor XXI


DHL Atlas Export


Emprendedores XXI


GAIA Award




Innovación en las Pymes


TÜV ISO 9001-14001


Premio Andalucía Joven


Andalucía Management 2016 a la “Responsabilidad social”


Salon des Maires


Joven Empresario (AJE)