Synthetic ice skating rink rental

Xtraice is the perfect solution if you want to enjoy synthetic ice skating rink rental by season: Christmas, events or even summer vacation.

The possibilities to rent a synthetic ice skating rink are endless. Additionally, Xtraice’s scope and experience allow for each rental project to be 100% customized, no need to be restricted to predetermined packages.

More and more clients are deciding on temporary rental as the ideal option for their leisure activity, each one setting it up for the period that is most beneficial for them. Additionally, one of the numerous advantages of synthetic ice surfaces is that the skating rink can even be used in the summer, thus offering a unique and innovative activity for summer vacation.


Synthetic ice rink rental cost


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Synthetic ice skating rink rental


Ice skating rink rental. Get pricing now


Obviously one of the first questions that come to mind for those interested in our product is the ice skating rink rental price. .

What is the portable ice skating rink rental cost? What is the cost of an ice rink per square meter? How much is a rink rental per week? These are some of our clients’ most frequently asked questions. However, the cost of renting one of our synthetic ice rinks does not directly correspond to any of these questions.

At Xtraice, we treat each project differently and individually, so no two projects are ever identical. It is true that rental length is one of the factors that most influence the total cost, along with the size of the rental rink, but these are not the only factors. As a result, we will study your project with our team of experts and provide guidance to offer you the best price possible.  

Once you have approved the ice skating rink rental quote, it is time to think about how to best promote your facility as well as strategies to make the investment profitable.

Apart from the profits earned by selling skating tickets, as well as fees to use any of our skating accessories like the ice skating aids, some of the most popular options to augment profits are including vinyl advertising banners along our barrier system, renting the rink to school groups or even selling merchandise for your rink.

However, it is important to remember that the economic benefits are not the only reason many of our clients opt for renting our ice rinks; there are also other reasons. Bringing added value to your brand through an event and offering a service to local residents in the case of city halls are other objectives for our clients.

The Xtraice team will use their experience to advise you in order to achieve the best results. We also have cost-effectiveness studies that will help you reach your goal in as little time as possible.

Maintaining Xtraice skating rinks is quite simple. You just need to run a mop and our cleaning machine across the rink after each use and keep your skates sharpened. That’s it!

In any case, it is important to note that this minimal care is essential for the facility to run smoothly.


One of our experts will personally advise you, answering all of your questions and guiding you every step of the way.