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There is no need to worry about scratches. Light, surface-level scratches always appear after skating on the surface and will not negatively affect functionality or appearance. Xtraice uses a very high-density material that is not damaged from skating.

Yes, Xtraice has synthetic ice rink installations outdoors in many different climates. It can be used under almost any weather conditions. Due to its unique UV treatment you will be able to enjoy Xtraice from -112ºF (-80ºC) to 212ºF (100ºC) without any color variation on its surface.

Rain or snow do not damage Xtraice synthetic ice. Furthermore, water has no effect on its functionality. The only trouble with snow is that it has be shoveled away.

Very simple. Dust and shavings can be removed using a vacuum cleaner or a broom. The surface can be wet-cleaned using a cleaning machine with a rotating disc or a power washer with a pH neutral soap.

Any surface is suitable as long as it is flat, levelled and hard. Hence, you can build our synthetic ice rinks directly on concrete, wood, asphalt, marble etc.

Yes, you can. Our dasher boards are specially designed to hold advertisement posters.

It is a tongue-and-groove system held tightly together by plugs made from the same material as the ice creating a seamless connection.

The life-span of the product is approximately 20 years for the Pro panels and 10 years for the Lite panels. We give a 12-year guarantee on the Pro model and 6 years on the Lite.

Shipping time can vary depending on the volume of orders and on the final destination. It usually takes around 4 weeks for the product to be delivered. Please contact us with your project specifications, so that we can give you a more precise estimate.

Yes, we produce our core product at our plant in Spain.

Yes, there is no skilled labor required. However, we will dispatch a supervisor to oversee the initial installation.

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