Xtraice in North America (US & Canada):Paul Perez de Guzman

“Our technology allows communities across North America to enjoy ice skating year-round, regardless of climate or location”

Paul Perez de Guzman, North American Business Development Paul Perez de Guzman is a seasoned business professional with over 20 years of experience as a business developer in the US and abroad. His extensive expertise adds significant value to our team. Having him on our side provides us with invaluable guidance and a solid foundation,…

Synthetic ice rink rental cost

Renting an Xtraice synthetic ice rink for the holidays is an excellent idea for your city.

Renting an Xtraice synthetic ice rink for the holidays provides cities, towns or villages with an exciting opportunity to offer their residents and visitors a unique and memorable experience. It combines the joy of ice skating with the convenience of a weather-independent and user-friendly setup, contributing to the overall festive atmosphere and strengthening community bonds.…

Cost of electricity for an ice rink | Real data

Operating a conventional ice rink during one month has an electricity cost of $3,200 in the US / 3,600 GBP in the UK / 4.900€ in Europe

The increase in energy prices further underscores the benefits of synthetic ice The current energy crisis, with the price of electricity skyrocketing, is having a substantial impact on all business sectors due to unprecedented global inflation. Within this global context, the market for conventional ice rinks is being negatively higher energy costs. The use of…

Alberto Sandino, Director de Operaciones de Xtraice

“Rising energy costs greatly strengthen the market position of Xtraice rinks.”

Alberto Sandino, Director de Operaciones de Xtraice. Alberto Sandino, executive MBA, is the “conductor” at Xtraice. Sandino is an industrial engineer with extensive experience leading large, diverse, ambitious, and innovative projects. For more than 10 years he’s faced the challenge of keeping Xtraice at the technological forefront. Would you like to know more? Alberto Sandino,…