Used synthetic ice

Xtraice offers used synthetic ice, a great opportunity to get the best product on the market with the same quality as the recently released product.

At Christmas time, hundreds of Xtraice ice rinks leave our warehouses around the world for short periods of time thanks to our rental option. In some cases, it is only for a few days or up to a month of use. This allows us to offer a large amount of used rink equipment to our clients.

Many consider the option of used synthetic ice sheets for sale, always looking for the best quality at a competitive price. If this is the case for you, this is a great opportunity.

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Xtraice Ice skating rink for sale
Xtraice used ice rink for sale

Our certified refurbished ice rinks for sale maintain the same premium quality and the same warranty period as new panels (12 years) since the rinks in question have only been used for a few days at Christmastime. Before being sold, all material also undergoes a cleaning and adaptation process by the technical team at Xtraice in order for it to maintain the same quality parameters.

Xtraice is an accredited company that has received the ISO 9001 and 14001 quality certificates. These recognitions prove that any product sold by Xtraice follows the quality demands corresponding to a top-tier scale.

However, given the limited supply and strong interest associated with a used ice rink for sale, they are not available year round. At Xtraice, we will help you build a successful and profitable business but remember, don’t delay. Supplies are limited!



Same premium quality


Same warranty


Limited supply


Business opportunity

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