Synthetic ice rinks for sale

Xtraice offers synthetic ice rinks for sale with multiple business opportunities. You can get your own synthetic ice for sale for permanent installation in a specific location or simply temporarily set it up for a certain part of the year.

Anything is possible with Xtraice! In fact, our projects are all different, so you will never find two of the same Xtraice ice rinks for sale.

All of our equipment is 100% customized !

Comprar una pista de hielo sintético Xtraice, como una oportunidad
Venta de pistas de hielo Xtraice
Venta de pista de hielo Xtraice
Pista de hielo sintético a la venta Xtraice

By controlling each step in the production process for our synthetic ice , we can offer a broad range of shapes, sizes and colors, allowing you to find the perfect combination for your project.

Our team of professionals , of more than 20 nationalities, can assist you throughout the entire process in order to assure the highest profitability for your business. Xtraice doesn’t just provide skating rink s for sale , it also offers a comprehensive service spanning from the creation of the project draft to the final implementation, assisting the client at all times with the experience of having already installed more than 1,000 models in the most complex and faraway places around the world.

Would you like to complement your ice rink with accessories or additional services? Xtraice also offers any other element you might be thinking of. We know no limits!

As you purchase your ice rink, don’t be fooled by cheap prices or low-cost projects. A safe choice will protect your investment and your profits. 

In any case, if the purchase of a skating rink doesn’t interest you, don’t forget that Xtraice also offers the sale of used ice rinks and the possibility to rent ice rinks for any part of the year.

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Pista de hielo sintético a la venta Xtraice
Venta de pista de patinaje Xtraice

How to open a skating rink?

With Xtraice’s synthetic ice rinks , you will ensure large profit margins thanks to entrance fees, games that can be rented to users, earnings from merchandise sales, and even profits from including advertisements around the rink itself. There is a multitude of other possibilities to earn money such as renting the rink to other businesses for them to operate. The options are endless!

Another advantage of purchasing a synthetic skating rink is the operation costs of ecological ice , which are very low: no electricity, no water bills and no need for specialized technicians for maintenance or installation. The return on investment is guaranteed . Our synthetic ice panels for sale last for up to 20 years and your Xtraice ice rink can be used year round.

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One of our experts will personally advise you, answering all of your questions and guiding you every step of the way.