XTRAICE Roller Rinks

As part of our diversification strategy, we have launched a new product: Roller Skating Rinks! These roller skating rinks have been created in response to the demand from many of our customers who are roller skate enthusiasts and evoke the spirit of an entire generation from the 1980s.

Today, ice rinks are a well-established part of the culture in any country or region, but roller rinks are emerging as a step further, bringing an innovative and distinctive element to any community.

Additionally, our team of professionals has extensive experience in organizing all kinds of events, which means that setting up a Roller Skating Rink, whose installation process is quite simple, can be done quickly and without complications.



Easy installation and maintenance



Modular rinks, 100% customizable


No energy costs


Perfect for children and adults

Furthermore, the implementation of a Roller Rink ensures a quick return on investment as it is a highly demanded attraction, suitable for the whole family.


Possibilities of Roller Rinks

Installation of a Roller Skating Rink         icon_gear

A roller skating rink has an easy installation process. They are created using modular tiles that fit together like a puzzle, so generally, you’ll have your skating rink ready in just a few hours.

Maintenance of a Roller Skating Rink icon_gear

Maintaining a roller skating rink is quick and easy. Simply remove the dirt from the surface with a brush. If you install it indoors, you’ll barely have any leaves or debris to collect.

100% Customizable Rinksicon-reuse

Our Roller rinks, made up of square tiles, can be installed modularly to fit any shape you need. Additionally, the tiles are available in almost any color, allowing you to match the design you have in mind. All red? An ’80s disco-style checkerboard? Anything is possible!

No Energy Costs    icon-noflash

One of the fundamental advantages of Roller rinks is that they do not require any type of energy resource to function. No cables needed!

Roller Rinks

Uses and Possibilities of Roller Rinks

We offer our roller skating rinks for both rental and purchase. Any option is available! However, purchasing allows for greater customization since rentals are subject to the materials available in our facilities.

You can get your Roller rink to set up anytime and anywhere, regardless of whether you have a synthetic Xtraice ice rink. However, many of our clients who already have an Xtraice rink have decided to acquire our roller tiles and skates to diversify their activities throughout the year. These clients have chosen to place the roller tiles over the Xtraice panels to give a different touch to their installation at various times of the year.

What better way to give your ice rink an extra boost? Join the ROLLER XTRAICE movement!

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