Can you use ice skates on synthetic ice?

Absolutely. You can use any kind of ice skates on synthetic ice. No special skates are required. Just like real ice, you can use whatever skates you like on Xtraice. The only difference is that you will have to sharpen your skates a little more often as skating on a synthetic surface tends to dull the blade more than conventional ice. 

Hockey skates, figure skates, or leisure skates will all do the trick. It’s your choice. Bring your own skates or rent skates at the Xtraice rink. 


Does synthetic ice ruin blades?

No. Not at all. Your skates will have to be sharpened more often as we said previously, but that’s the only difference. So rest assured that Xtraice synthetic ice does not damage your blades. 

Synthetic ice surfaces dull your blades a little faster than conventional ice so you have to sharpen your skates more often. It’s important to keep the edges sharp and perfect to skate on synthetic ice.

However, the quality of the synthetic ice surface will also influence the condition of your blades and the frequency with which the skates will require sharpening. Xtraice doesn’t wear down your blades as much as other brands do.


So why does Xtraice provide special skates for its synthetic ice? 

Although you can use any type of ice skates on our synthetic surface, we recommend Xtraice skates. They have been designed and manufactured with blades that last much longer than other skates without having to be sharpened.

We have designed and manufactured our own steel for our leisure skates. These blades stay sharper for longer, addressing one of the challenges faced by all synthetic ice products, keeping skates sharp. 

This is why we have developed our own skates with our very own steel blade specifically designed for synthetic ice surfaces. Our new X Skates can be used for over 50 hours without sharpening.


Why a special skate sharpening machine for our synthetic ice?

Xtraice has also designed and developed its very own double skate sharpener allowing to sharpen twice as many skates in half the time.

This sharpener is a huge step forward as skates used on a synthetic surface require sharpening more frequently.

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