UncategorizedIce skating during the summer? Now this is possible with Xtraice!
Do you love skating or playing hockey? Do you believe an ice rink could be the best solution for your summer business? Now it’s possible ice skating during the summer!



Xtraice ecological ice rinks can be used under any weather condition, even supporting 212ºF without having to loose it’s gliding level and the colour of the surface. Our product receives an exclusive UV treatment allowing it to be used in the sun, rain and snow.


alternative option of leisure

The summer time is coming and a lot of young people go to the classic summer camps, where the swimming pools are the most traditional entertainment. However, the ice rinks are an alternative option of leisure especially for the little ones who can improve their abilities at skating or playing hockey. They can drastically improve their physical condition as well as their competitive spirit and teamwork.


new activity for hotels

On the other hand especially in the hotel sector, hotel guests are looking for new activities apart from the classic gyms and swimming pools. Our innovative product is a perfect opportunity to attract more clients and visitor number to your hotel during the summer. In short, offering the possibility of ice skating during summer in your hotel is an option that will attract more clients! h


Are you interested in any of these options and worth considering? Do you have a similar proposal? Please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will help you with the management of your project!

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