The Xtraice synthetic ice rink is a business model based on constant innovation and a versatile team with experience in the ice and entertainment sector.

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Synthetic ice rinks are the perfect option for any business in the world of entertainment. A profitable and enticing attraction!

Xtraice synthetic Curling ice rinks


Discover new ways to play curling. We offer embedded curling rinks as well as interactive curling. Are you up for it?

Xtraice synthetic ice rink hockey


Xtraice is the only synthetic ice manufacturer in the world to have worked with the NHL, thus legitimizing the quality and gliding level of our rinks.

Xtraice synthetic ice for figure skating


Xtraice synthetic ice is the best option for figure skating. Want to know more?

Xtraice synthetic ice slope, 3 and 6 slanes


One of our star products. A unique attraction to enjoy a high-speed day of fun.

Xtraice Interactive Ice Rink


An innovative option that will attract numerous clients eager to interact with the ice surface.

How to make an Xtraice synthetic ice rink at home


The best ice skating and hockey experience in the comfort of your own home! Train 365 days a year, both indoors and outdoors.

Xtraice used synthetic ice rink for sale.


At Xtraice, we help you build a profitable business with our semi-new synthetic ice rinks, but don’t delay! Supplies are limited!



The purchase of synthetic ice skating rinks offers infinite business opportunities. Buying your own Xtraice synthetic ice rink will allow you to customize your installation 100%. No two projects are ever identical. Our only limit is your imagination!


The possibilities to rent a synthetic ice skating rink are endless. Christmas, summer, events… Anything is possible. Want to know how much renting an ice rink will cost? Our team of experts will answer any questions you have.

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Xtraice synthetic ice is no ordinary ice. It is high-density and premium quality, the best material on the market, and it will guarantee the success of your skating facilities. We always use cutting-edge technology and the highest quality materials with the greatest molecular density in the manufacturing of our synthetic ice.

Xtraice synthetic ice as world leader

Xtraice synthetic ice is composed of polyethylene with the highest molecular density. Xtraice ice panels are self-lubricated, thus offering the best gliding level ever achieved. Our secret is a protector and lubricant that has been specially designed in Xtraice Laboratories. The lubricant is housed within the structure of our panels when they are manufactured and it gradually comes to the surface throughout the product’s lifespan.

The price of synthetic ice rinks is one of the most controversial topics. How much does a synthetic ice rink cost? This is one of our most frequently asked questions. However, the answer depends on many factors: surface dimensions, the type of panels, services offered and a long list of other elements to take into consideration. The saying “you get what you pay for” perfectly defines the synthetic ice rink market. To avoid problems down the road, it is worth investing in a premium quality product that performs optimally throughout its entire useful life. Protect your investment and profits! Want more information?

The initial stage in implementing your business plan will certainly determine the ultimate success of your synthetic ice rink investment. If you decide to invest in a skating rink, there are some elements you should first take into consideration. Want to know more about these aspects?

Want to know the differences between synthetic ice and conventional ice? Are you still not sure? The advantages of synthetic ice are endless: no energy costs, the ability to use it 365 days a year… Would you prefer an in-depth comprehensive comparison? You will find more details below.

How long will it take to install my synthetic ice rink? How many workers will I need? Xtraice rinks are characterized by their simple installation. Would you believe us if we told you a rink can be installed by two people in a single hour? Check out the entire process!

Synthetic ice is much easier to maintain than conventional ice and can be installed in any environment, without having to worry about melting. Our synthetic ice stands out for its durability since, in spite of drastic changes in temperature, Xtraice panels do not warp or lose their physical integrity over time. Our 12-year warranty will give you an idea about the viability of the project and the quality of the material.

Additionally, as there is no need for cooling machines, there is no electricity required. We simply recommend cleaning the surface according to the rink’s use and location, indoors or outdoors.

The molecular structure of our panels allows a friction coefficient that minimizes abrasion and the creation of shavings. This makes the Xtraice synthetic ice rinks more economically attractive by considerably reducing maintenance costs. More info?



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