As the Holiday season draws near, it’s time to start preparing for the festive campaign. What activities can we organize this year to bring something special to the winter season? After considering various proposals, you’ve made the decision to rent an Xtraice synthetic ice rink!

Now, let’s begin the planning process for renting your synthetic ice rink for the Holiday Season.

Planning Your Ice Rink Rental for the Holiday Season

Guide to Renting Your Synthetic Ice Rink for the Holiday Season

Xtraice offers a team of professionals, experts in their respective fields, who will assist you throughout the process. They will provide advice and guidance to ensure a successful implementation of your ice rink.

1.- Ice Rinks Dimension

Firstly, you will be assigned a project manager who will help you determine the most suitable dimensions for your rink, considering several factors:

  • Available space:  It is recommended to have a smooth and flat floor with truck accessibility for cost-effectiveness. In case of complex spaces, a technical visit will be conducted to inspect the terrain.
  • Rink Capacity: Consider the number of people the rink can or should accommodate. 
  • Funds: Take into account the available funds for the project.

2.- Rental Dates for the Rink

Secondly, it’s essential to discuss the operational dates for the ice rink. The installation should be completed 2-3 days before the opening, with the same timeframe allocated for dismantling. Planning the project timeline is crucial, as making an early reservation ensures availability on your desired dates.


3.- Budgeting

Once the rink’s dimensions and rental dates are established, it’s time to create a customized budget. In addition to the ice rink itself, there are other elements to consider:

  • Staff: Determine the number of personnel required to operate the rink.
  • Storage space: Consider a wooden cabin or similar structure to store rented equipment such as skates and sharpeners.
  • Licenses and permits: Account for any necessary licenses and opening permits.
  • Installation safety: If required, factor in safety measures for the installation.
  • Technical requirements: Determine if technical floor is required, extras for loading/unloading, or access authorizations are needed.


4.- Project Confirmation

With all the project information at hand, it’s time to accept the project. Xtraice requests a percentage of the total rink rental cost as an advance payment to reserve the equipment and the established dates. In some cases, for public tenders involving municipalities, there might be a mandatory public bidding process based on the project amount. We can provide advice in such situations.



5.- Installation Day Organization

Once the project is confirmed, we will provide the client with the arrival date and time of the material and installation personnel. This allows the client to organize other logistical aspects, such as:

  • Loading and unloading arrangements.
  • Traffic interruption planning, if applicable.
  • Additional support staff required.


Throughout the entire process, having an expert team by your side is crucial. At Xtraice, we will be by your side, assisting you every step of the way. With over 20 years of experience, we ensure you are in the best hands.

Are you ready to discuss your project?

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