Karin Schwarz, Head of Business Development in Germany at Xtraice

Karin Schwarz is Xtraice representative for the German market. She has academic schooling in the field of Business Administration and more than 25 years of experience. She speaks 3 languages at proficiency  level. Nowadays she directs Xtraice projects in German-speaking countries, where our brand is synonymous for quality and commitment thanks to the work done by Karin in developing the German market since she joined the team.


Interview with Karin Schwarz, Head of Business Development in Germany at Xtraice.


How long have you been part of Xtraice? How would you describe Xtraice as a company?

I came to Xtraice 7 years ago. I decided to be part of Xtraice because the project captivated me. Offering an innovative and ecological leisure alternative, such as our synthetic skating rinks, seemed like a very attractive challenge. The product, together with the Xtraice human team, made up of people from different nationalities and continents, encouraged me to join a company that is always up-to-date.


How does Xtraice add value to the customer?

At Xtraice, our main challenge is to give excellent and exclusive customer service. We not only sell, we also accompany and advise the customer during and after the entire sales process. It is essential for Xtraice that the client feels assured that we will be there for him continuously.


Could you name three important qualifying questions that you ask each potential customer?

WHAT, WHEN AND WHERE. It is essential to find out what the customer is interested in, whether they are looking to rent or buy a synthetic ice rink. You have to determine when they are going to carry out your project, if they are looking for something short or long term and at what time of the year. Another fundamental point is to know if they already have planned the location where to install the Xtraice synthetic ice rink or slope. Once I have all the detailed information about the project, I can classify and set priorities to serve the client in the best possible way.


At what point do you stop contacting a customer?

Experience allows me to identify potential clients and others who only request information out of curiosity. This is not surprising, since the product we sell is very innovative as it is not a traditional skating rink.

If the communication is good and fluid, I help them to clarify their needs and find a suitable deal. Sometimes a customer comes with a clear project in mind but for some reason no agreement is reached. When I see that communication stops, then I do not insist any longer. A really interested customer always responds.


How do you keep your good mood during a difficult work day?

In my work, sometimes you have to face situations that require patience. After 7 years in the company I have learned to deal with them and I try to address them in the most professional way, not losing control and trying to find solutions to any disagreement.


Have you ever asked a potential client to explain why the project was not closed? What did he tell you and what did you learn from that experience?

I always ask for a reason in order to improve my working methods, but you don’t always receive an answer. In any case, I write a final report where I explain the whole process and try to detect causes and learn regarding future projects.


Why did you want to work in sales? What motivates you?

Each customer is a new project and that is very motivating. It is a challenge to apply different strategies for each client. Knowing that my professionalism leads me to sell a good product to different customers with different demands motivates me very much and helps me to exceed the expectations of this position.


What is the best way to establish a relationship with a potential customer?

One of the main reasons why Xtraice is different from our competitors in the synthetic skating business is the transparent information we give and the close assistance from our native speakers to the needs of each individual customer. Due to my German origin, I can perfectly understand and comprehend the demands of the German market and I try to be fully up-to-date regarding the latest developments.


What is your opinion on the cooperation within the sales team?

It is very positive to work as a team. By sharing our experience we broaden our knowledge and understanding, so we are better prepared to anticipate and face any problem or unforeseen event that may occur. Within our team, we cover our needs. In this way, the team feels more united and we learn from each other’s markets and the different ways of working of my colleagues.


What are the most important values ​​that a sales representative should have?

For me the most important values are transparency, empathy and efficiency.

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