Choosing a location for a synthetic ice rink is simple. This is because Xtraice rinks are easy to set up and take down and withstand extreme temperatures and weather conditions which means Xtraice rinks can be quickly installed in any location, indoor or outdoors.

Here are a few ideas of great places to install an Xtraice rink.

  • City center, downtown core or town plaza. These are all ideal locations to install a skating rink which will boost tourism and local businesses as well as advance the recreational activities available in the area.
  • Shopping malls are ideal locations for Xtraice rinks. Malls and shopping centers have large spaces perfect for skating rinks which will lead to increased sales as well as help them combat the online shopping trends of today.
  • Ski resorts can offer visitors a wider range of recreational winter activities by adding a skating rink.
  • Bowling alleys; whether it be a skating rink or a curling rink, these fun and unique activities will separate your business from the competition by offering customers much more than just bowling.
  • Cafés, pubs and restaurants. Create a games area for the kids or in the case of pubs or bars, curling is an excellent game to play with a group of friends. This will increase the average time each client spends in your establishment.
  • Conference rooms and exhibition halls are good locations for rinks too. You can organize events or simply take advantage of the space to set up a skating rink business.
  • Outdoor sports facilities such as football fields, basketball courts or tennis courts.
  • Gymnasiums or sports centers. Here you can have coaches and trainers give skating lessons or organize hockey games for players of all ages.
  • Ocean boardwalks. With Xtraice technology anything is possible. The sun and heat will not melt your rink allowing skaters to enjoy ice skating in hot sunny weather.
  • Hotels and resorts. Set up an ice rink in the common area, sports area or pool area and offer a unique amenity to guests.
  • Rooftop rinks for skating with a view. Xtraice rinks are portable and easy to assemble and do not require heavy machinery to operate or maintain which makes rooftop rinks a reality.


So as you can see, any space can be a good fit for an Xtraice rink. Try to find a spot with a hard flat surface, and if you can’t, no problem, Xtraice will install a subfloor so you can put your rink exactly where you want it.


Can you think of other great locations for an Xtraice rink? Leave us a comment!

You can also ask us for ideas on how to maximize your business or how to begin launching your rink business.

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