Due to this Global Pandemic situation, our habits have changed. We are spending a lot more time at home and it’s important to find hockey training to do at home to stay in shape.

Because of this we have developed our “Home Ice Training Series”. It’s about different drills for hockey players (and yes, also goalies), focusing on as many aspects as possible. Of course, all of these drills are being performed on our Xtraice synthetic surface. Should we go over some of the drills together?


Shooting drills hockey

Looking to improve your shot? If you want to work on your shot we have some videos that can help you. Each one from a different point of view. Let´s start!

One timer hockey drills

Are you looking to improve your shooting accuracy? Our “one timer hockey drills” video is useful to work on 2 on 1s. Powerplays. Backdoor plays and and basically whenever you’re in a good scoring position and you can get a good pass. Let’s practice it!


Shooting Drills for Defensemen

Defensemen use a few simple tools effectively to create scoring chances. We have some shooting drills on the next video for you specifically if you’re a defensemen.



Backhand shooting Drills

It’s a useful shot while protecting the puck when driving to the net on your off wing or coming out of the corners. Or even just off a deke or a rebound. It doubles your options, making you a constant shooting threat . It’s also a very hard shot for goalies to read. Let’s talk about backhand shots.



Wrist shot Drills

 It’s by the far the most useful and common shot in the game because you don’t need a lot of time or space and you can catch goalies off balance. The release is quick and can be tricky for goalies to read. It’s time to train with our “wrist shot drills” video!



Final Tips

The key to improving your game is getting your skates on as often as you can even if it’s just 20 minutes a day.  Remember to focus on form and technique.  Don’t worry so much about power. It will come as you accumulate quality practice time.  See you next time. 


Do you want to train at home with one of our surfaces? Ask for a quote!

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