Are you looking for some hockey stickhandling drills? High-level stickhandling is a must in today’s game. With tighter defensive systems and less time and space on the ice, a good, fast set of hands can create opportunities for you out of thin air. Efficient puck handling skills will give you more success with breakaways, one-on-ones, avoiding checks, and changing the angles on goalies before you shoot. 

Let’s see how to improve stickhandling in hockey with the second part of our hockey practices at home, that will allow you to continue to improve both physically  and technically so that you don´t fall behind. Let´s start.


Static stickhandling 

We’ve started with 4 stickhandling drills that you can do off and on ice, though we used a small surface of Xtraice synthetic ice. 

Here are some drills that you should practice on your skates but without skating so that you can focus only on your hands. However, we recommend doing these drills on skates to simulate game conditions as much as possible. Try not to look at the puck and keep your head up. You can also incorporate different stickhandling tools into your training routine



Stickhandling in motion

Now, let’s talk about stickhandling in motion.  In the last video we practiced the mechanics of stickhandling in a stationary position.  Obviously in a game, you’ll need to handle the puck in stride.

Here are some exercises to help you develop this skill.  For these drills work with the space you have and a good general rule is do each one until you get a good forearm burn going.  Then rest and repeat. 




The key to improving your game is getting your skates on as often as you can even if it’s just 20 minutes a day.  Remember to focus on form and technique. Challenge yourself and have fun. 


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