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Paul Perez de Guzman, North American Business Development

Paul Perez de Guzman is a seasoned business professional with over 20 years of experience as a business developer in the US and abroad. His extensive expertise adds significant value to our team. Having him on our side provides us with invaluable guidance and a solid foundation, making him our greatest asset and ensuring secure entry for anyone venturing into the synthetic ice market in North America.

Q&A: Exploring the Impact of Xtraice Ecological Ice Rinks in North America


What is Xtraice, and how does it revolutionize ice skating in North America?

Xtraice is a leading provider of ecological synthetic ice rinks, offering an innovative solution to traditional ice skating. Our rinks are made from a specially formulated polymer material that replicates the gliding sensation of real ice, without the need for electricity or water. This technology allows communities across North America to enjoy ice skating year-round, regardless of climate or location.


What are the primary benefits of Xtraice ecological ice rinks for North American communities?

Xtraice rinks offer numerous advantages for communities in North America:

1. Accessibility:

Xtraice rinks can be installed indoors or outdoors, providing accessible ice skating opportunities regardless of weather conditions or geographical location.

2. Cost-effectiveness and generating revenue:

Unlike traditional ice rinks that require constant refrigeration and maintenance, Xtraice rinks are energy-efficient and cost-effective to operate, saving clients and communities money in the long run. Additionally, Xtraice rinks can be monetized through admission fees, rentals, and concessions, generating revenue for municipalities, businesses, and event organizers.

3. Ecological:

Xtraice rinks are environmentally friendly, requiring no water or refrigerants for operation. Our durable construction also reduces the need for frequent replacements, minimizing environmental impact.

How are Xtraice rinks contributing to the growth of ice skating culture in North America?

      • 1: Xtraice rinks are playing a significant role in expanding ice skating culture across North America by

    Increasing Accessibility

    by providing ice skating opportunities year-round, regardless of weather conditions.

2. Fostering Community Engagement:

Xtraice rinks serve as gathering spaces for communities, hosting events, competitions, and social activities that promote a sense of belonging and camaraderie.

  • 3. Boosting Tourism:

    Xtraice rinks attract visitors from near and far, stimulating local economies and tourism industries by offering unique recreational opportunities.

In summary, Xtraice ecological ice rinks are revolutionizing ice skating in North America by providing accessible, ecological, and versatile solutions that foster community engagement, support athletic development, and contribute to economic growth.


Let’s say a client wants to purchase a synthetic ice rink, why choose Xtraice? What makes Xtraice different from other North American competitors?

We´ve been in business since 2003 and one thing we have never ceased to do is limit our investment in R&D. Why? This ensures we are delivering the best product on the market. In a market where everyone claims to be the best, it’s tricky to know who to buy from, until you actually test the ice and this is where we have prevailed.


What´s your track record in the U.S.? What experience do you have?

At one point we diversified into Residential and Commercial clients and we are proud to say that we have Residential clients such as NHL All Star Aaron Ekblad and Commercial clients such as Cirque Du Soleil, Peninsula Hotel and multiple NHL teams.


Where is synthetic ice heading? Is there future?

We have seen that with there being shorter and milder winters and less ice time for teams, synthetic ice is the future and what teams and just people that enjoy skating will resort to so we are betting strong on an environmental-friendly, ecological and all year around skating for everyone!

Xtraice in North America (US & Canada):Paul Perez de Guzman



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