There are many benefits that can be brought along the installation of a synthetic Ice Rink, an eco-friendly, easy to build, low maintenance and low expense project.

What are the benefits of installing a synthetic Ice rink in your municipality?

1.Entertainment Array

Children and adults will be delighted to ice-skate anywhere in the world regardless of the weather conditions.


Leisure + fun combination generates traffic in the cities. Big and small shops will benefit from this since the consumption of all kind of products increases.


Staff will be needed to operate and manage the rinks, moreover, as traffic increases so do Sales. It might be necessary to hire personnel for local businesses.


Opposite to conventional ice, synthetic ice rinks are eco-friendly, 100% recyclable and do not require water or electricity.


Return of investment takes little time because there are no energy expenses and maintenance costs are minimal. There are different alternatives like advertising on barriers, entrance fee tickets, lights & music or skating lessons, that’ll help bring even more benefits.

6.Media Impact

Novelty gets attention from everyone including the media that at the same time, will draw the audience’s attention who will feel keen on visiting the rink and that will have a great impression of the town.

Success Stories

St.Louis, Missouri, USA and Gdansk, Poland are two great examples of how successful a synthetic Ice Rink installation can be.

St Louis, Missouri, USA

St. Louis municipality decided to set a rink under the Gateway Arch, one of the most emblematic landmarks of the city with the aim of showing the city to the country and the world. It boosted traffic from other towns and tourists from across the globe. Besides, it only took a few weeks to recoup the investment.

Gdansk, Poland

Gdansk municipality installed a rink for the town’s Christmas celebrations. Combining decorations, lights & music with a street market where people could buy souvenirs and food, they were able to welcome people from everywhere.
Good communication, good shows and displays, decorations and alternative activities such as markets are essential elements that guarantee a successful project.
If you want your Project to be successful, you can purchase or rent a synthetic Ice rink from Xtraice.

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