Xtraice Rinks offer amazing opportunities for fun and exercise, but these unique synthetic ice-skating rinks will not last long if you do not take care of them properly. Understand the best practices to operating your ice rink and make sure everyone understands how to use it before they lace up their skates. This is super important for safety too. These tips will help it last as long as possible and provide unending fun for family, friends, neighbors, and everyone.


Tips to Manage Your Ice Rink from Xtraice

Best Practices for Xtraice Synthetic Ice Rinks

Best Practices for Xtraice Synthetic Ice Rinks

How can you take care of the Xtraice synthetic rink to get maximum use while keeping everyone safe at the same time? It is important to follow a strict maintenance and cleaning routine so people can keep having fun when the rink is open.

Unlike natural ice, synthetic materials are used to create a very similar experience on these special rinks. You will not need a Zamboni to keep things smooth. Nor will you need freezing weather to make sure the ice is thick enough to maintain safety. The high-tech materials will not let you down as long as you maintain them properly.


Daily Maintenance Matters

Set up a daily maintenance schedule for your synthetic ice-skating rink. If you do not use the rink for a day, you can skip cleaning until you are ready to use it again. However, for best results, regular maintenance matters a lot. You do not want dust or debris to accumulate for very long as it will only get more difficult to clean it properly afterward.

Use a standard mop to clean the surface regularly. Every day before use, carefully remove all dirt and dust from the polymer tiles. It makes more sense to do this before skating, so the skates do not grind these particles into the service in any way. You also do not want to damage the skates themselves. Consider using a cover for the rink, especially if it is set up outdoors. Cleaning of your synthetic ice rink will be much easier if you do this.

For more information, follow the guide in our Xtraice Rinks cleaning instruction video.


Sharpening the Skates Protects the Rink

Sharpening your ice skates

Sharpening your ice skates

Besides avoiding extra dirt and debris from damaging the surface of the rink and the skates, you also need to protect the skaters who use it. Instruct people to sharpen their ice skates before using the Xtraice synthetic set up. Unlike some rumors state, synthetic ice does not damage skate blades any more than natural materials. However, the friction does dull them over time. Sharpening the skates is therefore a normal part of any ice-skating experience. It can help protect the rink and the skaters.

This is important whether you use the ice for hockey games, figure skating, speedskating practice, or recreation. A temporary ice rink set up for a party may require less ongoing maintenance, but you still need to make sure that everyone has sharp blades to make the experience as fun as possible.

Another huge part of ensuring fun, safety, and long-lasting use of your Xtraice rink involves setting clear rules and enforcing them.


Protect Skaters with Clear Signs and Rules

While maintenance of the rink and skates are important best practices for operating the Xtraice rinks, it is also essential to create and enforce strict rules. These will make the difference between fun and frustration, happy day of skating and injuries. The rules will also protect the synthetic ice so more people can use it again and again.


Display Safe Skating Rules Clearly

Post a sign near every entrance to the rink that clearly displays the rules that everyone must follow. You may also consider having skaters sign waivers before they even strap on their skates. This is especially important if you use the rink for public sports or a party with people outside your family. It can help protect you from liability.

What other rules of conduct should you enforce for the ice-skating experience?


  1. Never wear street shoes or snow boots on the ice-skating rink. Everyone should wear ice skates. If someone has to enter the rink for maintenance or to help a skater, use clean shoe covers.
  2. Clearly identify what activities are allowed on the rink. For example, if it is set up for hockey practice, no one can enter for leisure skating. If it is for fun, make the approved skating direction clear so that people do not go against the flow of traffic.
  3. Pay attention to skill levels and abilities of the people using the ice. Make sure faster or more advanced skaters give enough room to beginners to maintain safety. You may consider having different skating times for adults and teens versus small children and beginners of all ages.
  4. Enforce the rule that no one can bring food or drink on the rink at any time. Also, do not allow alcohol, smoking, or vaping in the area. This will keep things safe and pleasant for everyone.
  5. Post a prominent sign that identifies the monitors or people in charge in case any skaters have a question, get injured, or have a problem with another person. Also state that these people have the final say on rules and their enforcement. If they tell skaters to leave the rink, they must be obeyed promptly and without argument.

Even with well-maintained synthetic ice, skating can be a difficult and dangerous experience. If you want to enjoy the rink for a long time to come, enforcing rules is an essential part of your responsibility.

Xtraice Rinks offer the convenience and fun of ice-skating anytime. Whether you are a community hockey leader looking for year-round training opportunities or simply want to give your family and friends a fun time, synthetic ice rinks provide the perfect answer. As long as you follow these maintenance, cleaning, and safety tips, everyone can have fun up on skates.

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