Throughout our over 20 years of experience, a statement we frequently hear is that “synthetic ice doesn’t glide.” This uncertain phrase is one we aim to debunk today.

Since the inception of synthetic ice, the product’s evolution has led to significant improvements, particularly in its glide. Initially, panels relied on lubricants for sliding; however, today’s synthetic ice panels are self-lubricating. This advancement was pioneered by Xtraice in the synthetic ice sector, owing to its ongoing commitment to R&D, and later adopted by competitors. Thanks to this innovation and subsequent enhancements, it can be asserted that Xtraice synthetic ice offers a glide level comparable to conventional ice, achieving a 95% similarity.

So, why do many users believe that synthetic ice doesn’t glide? Today we break down the reasons:

Why doesn’t the synthetic ice glide?

There could be many different reasons. Here we break down the most common causes so that your gliding sensation may not have been optimal.

Synthetic Ice Doesn't Glide | Debunking the Myth

Synthetic Ice Doesn’t Glide | Debunking the Myth

Low-quality material

It may seem obvious, but it isn’t always. Acquiring low-quality material is always synonymous with bad experiences, and the same goes for synthetic ice. There are many synthetic ice suppliers on the market, and quite a few of them offer poor quality that ultimately damages the image of eco-friendly ice in general.

That’s why it’s important to make sure you try out quality material that guarantees a satisfying experience. It’s key to the success of your purchase.

Sharpen your skates

Another fundamental aspect that often ruins your experience on synthetic ice is sharpening your skates. Yes, we start with the assumption that you can use your skates to skate on synthetic ice. But you should sharpen your skates more often because synthetic ice panels tend to dull the blade more than conventional ice. So, don’t forget! Keep your skates sharp to be able to glide on Xtraice!

Dirty and/or deteriorated surface

Another reason why synthetic ice doesn’t glide as it should is the presence of dirt on the rink. The maintenance required for these types of rinks is very basic, but it’s essential to carry out daily.

Cleaning process of your ice rink

Cleaning process of your ice rink

Conclusion: synthetic ice does glide

Based on these arguments, we can affirm that yes, synthetic ice glides perfectly. You just need to make sure you skate on a quality product, have your skates sharpened, and glide on a clean and well-maintained surface. That’s it! By fulfilling these premises, success is guaranteed.

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