Christmas is just around the corner, but the Covid-19 horizon is still uncertain. At Xtraice we are convinced that this health crisis has its days numbered and that we will soon return to normal or at least we will live safely with this virus. However, we must do it progressively, with the responsibility and caution that the situation requires.


Synthetic ice rinks: the perfect leisure activity in times of pandemic

If during the next Christmas holidays leisure activities are still limited, those activities that take place in large open spaces will be our escape route. The Xtraice synthetic ice skating, thanks to the versatility offered by our skating surfaces as they can be installed anywhere, skating will once again be a safe leisure alternative during the pandemic.


What we learnt last year: how to make good use of a synthetic skating rink during the pandemic

Last Christmas, despite the restrictions, many companies decided on Xtraice synthetic rinks, which were installed all over the world. The increase in visitor numbers was surprising. Part of that success was undoubtedly due to the safety achieved on the Xtraice rinks, where all the necessary measures were applied for a secure use without any risks. After this experience, we have collected all these rules and recommendations, proven to be successful and essential, both for users and personnel on the rink, as well as for the installation companies. Thanks to our experience, the Christmas holidays will not lose their nature.


User Guide for synthetic skating rinks during the COVID-19 pandemic

The following guide describes the measures that the users and installers of the synthetic skating rink must take to create a COVID-19 proof environment. We appeal to everyone’s responsibility. These measures will be adapted depending on the regulations in place by the local health authorities..


Recommendations to guarantee a synthetic skating rink without COVID for installers:

  • Staff and personnel must present themselves without fever or other characteristic symptoms of COVID-19 (cough, loss of smell or taste, difficulty breathing) at the rink facilities.
  • Establish a maximum visitor capacity and opening / closing hours, according to regulations marked  by the health authorities at all times.
  • Mark a clear entrance and exit point, using adequate signaling. And marking the skating direction on the rink that must be followed by all visitors.
  • Dispensers with hand sanitizer must be available for all visitors at different points around the rink.
  • Organize the personnel to regularly disinfect skates and accessories, cleaning of fences and replacement of hand sanitizer.
  • Make available contactless payment whenever possible
  • Put up charts and signs informing about the measures in place that users must follow and respect, by using screens and signaling at various visible points. Xtraice can supply the General Rules to our customers in print.
  • Xtraice Group created a coronavirus monitoring commission at the start of the crisis. We are at your disposal to provide you with any kind of information.


Recommendations for you, who cannot wait to skate on an Xtraice synthetic rink:

  • If you have a cough, fever or other symptoms related to COVID-19 (loss of smell or taste, difficulty breathing) follow the safety protocols and do not access the ice rink.
  • Access the track knowing that you must comply with the rules, signs and limited access areas, if in place, and respect the cleaning shifts if required by the staff.
  • Use your face mask, if required, to enter the facility, even if it is outdoors. This will depend on the restrictions marked by the local health authorities. Interested visitors can access the rink area using all the necessary means to protect themselves (face mask, gloves, face shield …)
  • Disinfect your hands using the available hand sanitizers before entering the rink area.
  • Skate individually (without making contact and keeping the recommended safety distance towards others) and respect the skating direction indicated.
  • Use the skate rental area exclusively for putting on and taking off your skates (changing clothes is not recommended).
  • We strongly recommend that you do not share towels, water bottles or anything else once you have finished skating.


Do you still have questions about how to install a synthetic skating rink in times of COVID? Do not hesitate and contact us now!

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