Get to Know the Pros and cons of synthetic ice: all you need to know about the advantages and disadvantages. What to consider before making an investment.



  • Easy and quick DIY installation, no need to hire qualified staff. Watch the “how to install” video tutorial here.
  • Low maintenance cost: No need for heavy, noisy and polluting power generators.
  • No electricity nor water required, therefore, high savings in supplies. 100% Environmentally friendly product, recyclable and non-toxic.
  • Fun all year round: indoor or outdoor, our synthetic ice skating rinks can be used under any weather conditions as temperature does not impact performance.
  • Any shape, color and size you need, we can make it real!
  • Durability: Our synthetic ice PRO tiles are covered by an industry-leading warranty of 12 year.
  • Easy to store and dismantle and to transport to the next venue.
  • The surface is hard enough to withstand the sharp metal skate blade and soft enough to allow the blade cut into the surface and, at the same time, allow impact absorption.



  • Skating on synthetic ice means pushing a little harder. While this could be a disadvantage for experienced skaters, learners and amateurs will feel more comfortable.
  • Skate blades need to be sharpened more often: This is due to the synthetic ice surface being much harder than the real ice one. For best results, we recommend sharpening blades every skating session.
  • As snow flakes and water on real ice skating rinks, synthetic ice skating could generate shavings while skating. A regular or daily brushing is recommended for best results.  
  • Lubrication: Some synthetic ice skating surfaces need an extra gliding lubricant to be spread over allowing the optimal gliding experience. This extra lubricant is frequently expensive, then, we recommend choosing self-lubricating panels.
  • The Xtraice“tongue & Groove” panel connection system, unlike the puzzle connection system, amplifies surface strength and integrity, providing confidence to the skater not associated with other connection style panels as well as a seamless connection lines.



The Pros and Cons of Synthetic ice is about relation to real ice sensation and conventional ice skating rinks. When it comes to the synthetic ice, most of the Cons could be avoided by choosing Xtraice panels, the World leader in synthetic ice technology.

Meet our team, check our warranty policy, test  our surface and get more information about our worldwide locations.

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