Transportation and storage of your synthetic ice rink

One of the most frequently asked questions is about the transportation and storage of a synthetic ice rink. Many of our customers decide to buy a synthetic ice rink with the intention of installing and uninstalling it depending on the time of year or also with the idea of ​​using it as a portable ice rink to move it around different geographical locations. For these types of clients it is essential to understand how to store the ice rinks, how to transport them and what space is needed during the time they are not going to be in use. Here we answer all these questions.


How to store a synthetic ice rink?

After use of your synthetic ice rink, it is time to store it. First of all, it is very important to make sure that all material is clean before storing to avoid any surprises later.

In addition, it is recommended that it be stored indoors to avoid exposing the material to adverse weather conditions such as humidity or dirt that could deteriorate the material.

Once this is taken into account, the ideal is to palletize all the material. Synthetic ice panels can be easily stacked in pallets and ratchet straps should be used to secure them. Once this step is finished, protect the pallets with panels by using cardboard or wrap them around with protective film to avoid possible damage or dirt.It’s that simple! An easy way to storing your Xtraice Rink


How much space do I need to store my rink?

As an example, if you were to store a 2200ft2 / 200m2 rink, you´d need a 7×10 feet / 2x3m space and up to 14 feet / 4m high.

Storage of synthetic ice panels
Storage of synthetic ice panels
Storage of barriers on pallets
Storage of barriers on pallets

How easy is it to transport my ice rink?

It’s easy! Since most items can be easily palletized and with standardized dimensions, transporting your ice rink on pallets it’s very simple.

By just securing all of the items of your rink correctly, use a pallet jack or forklift to move the pallets around. Make sure to use pallets with dimensions that adapt to those of the items you are palletizing.

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