Portable ice skating rink

Are you looking for a portable ice skating rink? All of our synthetic ice rinks are 100% adaptable, allowing them to adapt to the space you have available and facilitating the rink installation process in the case of a temporary or rotating location.

Portable ice skating rinks are one of the most popular options for our clients who need to move the rink to different locations depending on the time of year, or who are simply looking for a way to bring visibility to their business in different geographical areas with constant assembly and disassembly.

This type of product is ideal for promotional brand campaigns that move around a country or region. For example, the international brand Nestea decided to rent an Xtraice portable ice skating rink to bring a marketing campaign for its refreshments to French beaches throughout the entire summer. Its plan consisted of acquiring a standard small skating rink, big enough to hold about 20 people at a time, which would allow it to gain presence and visibility in the coastal areas of France.

Nestea offered a unique, innovative and atypical activity in beach areas, adding buzz to its brand in the areas in which it was present. Additionally, the ease of assembly and disassembly as well as the speed of the rink installation process, which only required 2 people and took an hour, was one of the greatest advantages that led Nestea to decide on Xtraice as its portable ice rink provider.

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