Synthetic ice maintenance

Some of the most common questions we get from our clients are about the maintenance of a synthetic ice rink. When do I need to clean it? It is easy? How often? Is specialized personnel necessary? Let’s address these questions here…

There are two keys to the proper maintenance of your rink; cleaning the ice surface and sharpening the skates. The success of your ice rink depends on these two elements. 


Cleaning the ice rink

To properly maintain the surface you must sweep it at least twice a day to remove the shavings generated by skaters. Apart from that, for outdoor rinks, if water has accumulated on the surface overnight, this should also be removed. 

If the rink is dirty, it’s time to use your cleaning machine. The frequency of this will depend on the location of your rink and the traffic on the rink but in general, this should be done every 4-7 days. 

And that’s it! Just remember to take your shoes off. Never walk on the surface with shoes (or use shoe covers). 


Sharpening Skates

All skates should be perfectly sharp so it crucial to check the skates after each use. Never hand a client dull skates! You could compromise the glide level of your rink. 

We recommend that you run the skates through the sharpener until both edges are equally sharp. 



As you can see, the maintenance of Xtraice synthetic ice is simple and no specialized labour is needed. The key is following these three basic steps:

  1. Sweep your rink daily
  2. Use the cleaning machine when the surface is dirty
  3. Always keep the skates sharp



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