Director de Operaciones Xtraice

Alberto Sandino, Director de Operaciones de Xtraice.

Alberto Sandino, executive MBA, is the “conductor” at Xtraice. Sandino is an industrial engineer with extensive experience leading large, diverse, ambitious, and innovative projects. For more than 10 years he’s faced the challenge of keeping Xtraice at the technological forefront. Would you like to know more?

Alberto Sandino, Director de Operaciones de Xtraice

Alberto Sandino, Director of Operations of Xtraice


The energy crisis, the war in Ukraine… how is the current situation affecting Xtraice?

We live in difficult times in which the volatility of the costs of energy and raw materials have reached levels never before seen. As manufacturers, we’re directly impacted by these events.


We live in a situation where there’s an upward trend in the cost of raw materials, transportation, energy… but it’s also true that the rise in energy costs represents an opportunity for synthetic ice. Have you noticed that perception and an increase customer demand?


In years past, Xtraice rinks were already the most reasonable option in terms of operating costs and, of course, the most ecological as they don’t require CO2 emissions to cool the ice. It’s clear that rising energy costs greatly strengthen the market position for Xtraice rinks.

How has Xtraice experienced the two years of the pandemic? What consequences, positive and negative, has it brought to the company?


As the world of recreation came to an almost complete standstill (as never before in history), we were forced to reinvent ourselves, and we strengthened our activity aimed at the sports and domestic sectors. We’ve discovered new applications for our product and found a way to bring skating into the home, thus making certain training sessions for hockey fans cheaper and more accessible.


As the synthetic ice sector is becoming more established what do you forecast for the short and medium term?


The ice rink sector is a stable sector, but synthetic rinks still make up a relatively small percentage within it. For this reason and due to current conditions, we believe that the segment of synthetic ice rinks is primed for exponential growth.


What future goals and plans does the company have?

Xtraice has been selling all over the planet for years and leading its sector. Our goal is to be more and more the alternative to traditional frozen water rinks, both in the world of leisure (where we already are) and in the world of sports.

Xtraice has always been characterized by being the leading innovater in the synthetic ice sector. What are you working on now?


The Xtraice engineering department works with a continuous R&D philosophy. This is what allows us to continue being technological leaders. Each new version of our material incorporates a new formulation that improves skating response. We are currently developing the most ambitious research project in the company’s history, and the preliminary results are very encouraging.

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