How to recycle synthetic ice panels?

You decide to purchase an Xtraice rink, you enjoy it and, years later, for some reason, you decide to get rid of it and that’s when it hits you: How can I recycle synthetic ice panels? What do I do now with the ice rink? Can I recycle it? Is there a certain place I should dispose of it?

This question keeps coming up among our clients and today we want to address it and clarify any doubts you may have.

In the case that your panels cannot be used to skate on, Xtraice can handle the recycling process. How? The panels to be recycled are brought back into our production process. Although they may not be valid to manufacture white panels, they can be used to manufacture colored panels.


Xtraice synthetic ice tiles recycling process 

In this case, once the panels are received at our manufacturing plant, the recycling process is as follows:


1- We crush the panels.

2- The pellet generated is grinded.

3- We mix with the dye. As previously mentioned, it will never be white.

4- The material is processed again, generating a new panel from the recycled raw material.


Other Xtraice panel recycling options

If you would like to find another recycling options closer to where you live, because shipping the material to our headquarters results pricey, you can also do it. Another recycling option would be to sell the material to a company specialised in recycling plastics and they will handle the whole process.


In this case, the process that each company follows will depend on the final use they wish to give the recycled material.

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