The durability of Xtraice synthetic ice rinks

Are you considering investing in an Xtraice synthetic ice rink? If so, understanding the durability of synthetic ice rinks is a crucial aspect to consider for your investment, and today we’re here to discuss it.

The durability is, in fact, our strong point, if you´re considering purchasing an ice rink.

Indeed, the durability of our material is one of the key advantages if you’re thinking about purchasing a skating rink. The versatility of our ice panels, combined with the material’s high resistance, creates numerous business opportunities and broadens the possibilities of achieving a substantial profit margin. Let’s delve into the details.


What is the lifespan of a synthetic ice rink?

The lifespan of a synthetic ice rink, in the case of our Pro panels, is even more than 20 years. This material is highly resistant and versatile, designed for intensive use and frequent installation and dismantling. Additionally, it’s worth noting that Xtraice synthetic ice panels can be used on both sides, further extending the material’s lifespan. However, optimal maintenance of the rink is essential for achieving this longevity.

Other factors, aside from maintenance, that can impact the durability of a synthetic ice rink include:

    • The rink’s location: whether it’s installed outdoors or indoors
    • Careful handling during transportation, assembly, and disassembly of the rink
    • Proper storage practices

In this context, we have examples of customers who invested in Xtraice 20 years ago, with both permanent and mobile installations, and they are still successfully operating them.

Do you need to sand or polish the panels after each use?

It’s not necessary to sand or polish the synthetic ice panels. It’s crucial to keep the panels clean during both use and storage, adhering to our maintenance instructions for the rink.

Only in the case of material deterioration due to lack of maintenance, or serious damage caused during transportation or assembly, would it be advisable to polish the panels. However, we emphasize that this is an unnecessary action if the recommended rink maintenance is followed.

What warranty does Xtraice offer for its ecological ice rinks?

We offer a 12-year warranty for our Pro panels, which are used in most of our ice rinks (except for home rinks). Additionally, all of our accessories are backed by a 2-year warranty.

Now that you know the durability of a Xtraice synthetic ice rink and the warranty we offer, are you ready to delve deeper into your project?

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