When someone decides to buy an ice surface they consider many different aspects. The synthetic ice rinks are in high demand and a lot of fans are choosing this surface to set up their ice rinks at home, at their business or in their training centers. 


But what exactly are these advantages?


– No costs of maintenance.
– No energetic costs.
– Quick and easy installation (non requirements of specialized personnel)
– It can be used in any weather condition.
– Outdoor and indoor possibilities.

– You can choose any size, shape and color.
– 100% recyclable and non-toxic


Among these different advantages, you can find there is no cost to maintain and no energetic cost due to the fact that conventional ice surfaces require a cooling machine, that has a high economic price. In the huge list of advantages, you can add the quick installation process which could be as little as 1 hour in case of the smallest one and up to 3 days in the case of the biggest one. Furthermore, the installation system is easy and no need of assistance from any specialized personnel.

Another positive element is the fact that you can use this ice rinks under any weather condition, even with snow, sun or rain! Also, our R&D department has developed an exclusive treatment that permits our ice rinks to be used with temperatures from -112ºF to 212ºF and it will maintain the same quality. So you can skate not only outdoor but also indoor during any season.

For this reason, these ice rinks allow for any wide range of shapes, sizes and colors when you decide to install them. You can have them customized if you want! In particular, Xtraice set up a couple of years ago the only chocolate color rink in the world, installed in Brazil.

If you finally decide on a synthetic ice rink, you should know that you can transport it in a simple and easy way!

Do not forget that our product is 100% recyclable and non-toxic! A new incentive to choose the artificial ice rinks.

With this huge list of blessings, do you believe you still have to think about it?

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