Skating on ice beyond the winter? That’s the real challenge. Thanks to synthetic ice, having a year-round ice rink has been a viable option for quite some time. However, many people still associate this activity solely with the colder months of the year. In this post, our goal is to dispel this misconception by providing you with ideas to maximize the use of these rinks throughout the year.

To achieve this, it’s crucial to offer a variety of engaging activities that capture the attention of visitors and attract customers from diverse backgrounds. Diversifying the range of activities is essential to ensure the success of your skating rink. 

Uses of an ice rink beyond the winter season

Year-round ice rinks | exploring uses and possibilities
    • Ice skating as an extracurricular activity

      Once the holiday season is over, why not promote sports by offering ice skating as an extracurricular activity? Providing session packages or inviting schools during school hours is another way to ensure attendance.

    • Promotions / Events

      Utilizing the ice rink as an attraction can be a captivating focal point for brands looking to execute advertising campaigns or events as a means to promote themselves. 

    • Sports Championships

      Organizing tournaments or hockey matches always guarantees a crowd-pleasing success.

    • Hourly Rental

      Renting the ice rink by the hour can be a fantastic option for celebrating birthdays or any group events.

    • Sports Training

      Maximize the Potential of Your Rink: Training Venue for Hockey and Figure Ice Skating. Transform your synthetic ice rink into a premier training facility for both hockey and figure ice skating, catering to both artistic and non-artistic disciplines. By offering specialized training sessions, you can attract aspiring athletes and enthusiasts alike. Additionally, consider the possibility of establishing a local hockey club, creating a vibrant community of players and fostering a love for the sport in your area. It’s a fantastic opportunity to nurture talent and promote active participation in ice-related sports.

    • Curling

      Curling is a fun and enjoyable activity that welcomes participants of all skill levels. It doesn’t require extensive expertise, making it accessible and inviting for everyone. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, curling offers a unique and engaging experience on the ice!

    • Summer Delights on Ice: A Refreshing Alternative

      While ice skating is often associated with the winter season, it can also be a refreshing and innovative activity during the summer months. Summer camps and hotels can offer the ice rink as a unique and exciting alternative to traditional summer activities. Children and guests will be delighted to trade the usual swimming pools for the exhilarating experience of gliding on ice. Embrace the opportunity to provide a distinct and memorable summer experience by incorporating the ice rink into your offerings.



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