ICE is a non-profit organization dedicated to help low income children obtain educational opportunities and learn about hockey.
Daniel Carcillo and Bryan Bickel who are former members of the Chicago Blackhawks, hosted the event, coaching and spending time with 40 lucky kids. The children, who were surprised when Carcillo and Bickel arrived, had the chance to pose with their heroes wearing hockey gear and equipment. They were also able to see the Stanley Cup Trophy won by the former Hawks members.
Xtraice contributed with lCE and The National Hockey League(NHL) setting up one of its top quality synthetic ice rinks, which by the way, was tried out ant tested by expert and novice players.
This has been a great opportunity for Xtraice to show its star product. An innovative and revolutionary product that is changing the way we see ice rinks and hockey training which can now be practiced on Xtraice synthetic ice rinks.
Having been part of a great experience, Xtraice concluded its participation in the event among Praise and greetings from the audience, the media and the players.

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