Xtraice, manufacturer of the best synthetic ice rinks for hockey, was invited by the KHL All Star organization so that the professional hockey players and Russian figure skaters could test the quality of Xtraice’s synthetic surface with the objective of installing our rinks in their training centers.
Star players in the KHL Russian Hockey League such as Pavel Datsyuk, Ilya Kovalchuk o Chris Lee as well as special Olympics National team members shared their opinions with us regarding our product and its high quality that allows them to practice their sport in absolute realistic conditions.
These players have agreed to share their positive opinions in a recorded interview for Xtraice and at the same time they wanted to sign autographs so that we have memorable souvenirs from them and to encourage us to continue evolving and providing more advanced products each year while contributing positively to the environment.
This event, along with the trust and support of key North Amerian NHL organizations such as the Detroit Red Wings and the Florida Panthers, is recognition of Xtraice’s synthetic ice as the best surface worldwide for hockey practice.

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