Xtraice annual balance has almost reached 8 million euro, this is a record figure for the company that has managed to increase its profits to 48% in just a year.
Besides, the annual Ebitda has grown up to 2 million euro, a great accomplishment and a huge success for the company. With these figures in mind, Xtraice has foreseen a 10 million turnover in 2018.

The Sevillian Company endorses its worldwide leadership in the synthetic ice rink industry. It all started in 2003 when Caixa Capital Risk invested 800,000 euro along with a growth plan that has fueled the company and has helped it reach an 8 million euro revenue in a matter of 4 years.

Product Diversification

The extraordinary growth shown in the last year is based on Xtraice’s R+D, which has been developing top quality panels that, as a result, generate a premium product.
At the same time, the company’s engineering department has worked on the product diversification that has increased revenue substantially.
Synthetic ice rinks are still its flagship product, however, this diversification has brought other successful products such as interactive curling, slides or interactive ice rinks, which have been a breakthrough in the industry that has set Xtraice on top of its competitors.

Christmas Campaign

Christmas is the highest season for the Company, Xtraice expects to install over 150 rinks mainly in countries with a clear Christmas Market trend. France 40 rinks, Italy more than 20, Germany more than 10 and even Spain with a score of 20 rinks are the main destinations, but the United States, Poland, Portugal, and Japan are also in the list.
Entertainment and leisure are also a big market with installations in Qatar, New Caledonia, Pakistan or South Korea, among others.
All of this keeps adding to the company’s internationalization that is already present in 90 different countries.
Xtraice Home
Within the company’s growth, Xtraice recently opened a branch office in the United States. Xtraice Home is taking hockey training to American households.
Xtraice Home offers synthetic ice panels adapted to improve the players’ skills at home and that was created after a market research in which a need that wasn’t satisfied was detected. This way, these training rinks can be purchased online and are proving to be a real ice revolution in the United States and Canada markets where Hockey is a very popular sport.
Xtraice Home has become, in very few months, the only company to obtain an official USA Hockey license and has drawn attention from NHL star Aaron Ekblad’s who has purchased a training rink to set in his own home.

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