As part of the media and fan event Kraft choose Xtraice to install a rink and offer the community an opportunity to engage in the event by skating on the very location where the first ever hockey game was held.
The Victoria Skating Rink, which is now no more than an abandoned parking lot, is the site of the first organized hockey game, and since its destruction in 1925, no one has been able to skate there since.  That is until Kraft approached Xtraice with the idea of installing our synthetic ice rink on the same location and offering Montreal the opportunity to once again engage in Canada’s pastime on an important historic site.
The Stanley Cup and Montreal Canadiens legend, Patrice Brisebois were also on hand for the event.  Brisebois laced up and wheeled around on the rink talking with fans and even playing a little hockey.
The event was an enormous success for Xtraice and Kraft Hockeyville, in which each year, towns across Canada vie to demonstrate their commitment to hockey.  The winning town is rewarded with $100,000 to upgrade and renovate their local rink – to ensure what happens to Victoria Skating Rink, will never repeat itself.
Xtraice is proud to working with professional organizations worldwide such as Kraft and many others, while still contributing to the social fabric of Canada’s national sport.

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