The show, which will be taking place from the 14th to the 17th of November in Orlando, Florida is the meeting point for the entertainment industry professionals in America.
Interactive curling is a breakthrough and it has placed Xtraice at the top of the sector as one of the most innovative companies up to date.This product will be launched after 2 years of research carried out to make sure it is surprising and innovative. It has its own patented software that reflects the curling target on the synthetic ice surface through light projectors resulting in stunning light effects.
Xtraice will also present its interactive synthetic ice rinks: a light and sound display that will surprise everyone. This new product includes an Xtraice synthetic ice rink enhanced with multisensory effects and multiple interactive games reflected on the surface so skaters can interact with it.
Don’t miss the chance to check these amazing products out! See you in Orlando!!

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