Both are practiced over hard surfaces divided into lanes and in curling, over ice. In the two games, an object (a ball in bowling and a stone in curling) slides on the surface towards a target ( pins in bowling and in curling a circular target) located at the end of the lane.
Entertainment centers have installed bowling lanes in their venues despite the substantial investment because they are profitable. Moreover, they have created interest among the people and in consequence, people are familiar with the sport.
On the other hand, curling is less accessible to the audience because it is usually played on ice and it represents a major investment, therefore people would have to pay a higher price to take part in it.
It is true that both activities are entertaining and a great option for having a good time. However, there is a better alternative: Xtraice curling.
Xtraice curling is practiced on a synthetic ice surface that is 99% ice-like and is played exactly the same. Besides, it is a much more economical alternative that is definitely within everyone’s reach. Synthetic ice requires almost no maintenance so the costs are lower, electricity and water outlay are inexistent as well.
Another benefit of Xtraice curling is that it can be played in and outdoors at any time of the year and regardless of the weather conditions. Synthetic Ice panels are resistant and they have a 20-year guarantee which ensures the return on investment.
Xtraice has also created an interactive version of the game. Interactive curling is a multisensory experience in which the elements are digitally projected on the surface.
*The image shows a comparison between bowling and curling costs.
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