At this occasion, Xtraice will disembark in Tri State Camp Conference next week. The camp professionals will be looking for new alternatives for children’s education and enjoyment. Xtraice’s proposal is to offer exciting ice skating activities. It will be a great opportunity to make a positive difference in the summer for children.

Don’t forget that synthetic ice rinks have more advantages than real ice: the Xtraice ice rinks can be used without any additional cost -like electricity and you can also skate on it in any season, even in the summer! The Xtraice ecological ice rink is made to enjoy outdoor in any climate and in almost every weather condition.

The ecological ice rink is primary in our stand. So, all of you can try our synthetic panels. Furthermore, the Xtraice staff will be there to reply to all your doubts and questions.

We will be waiting for you in booth 550-552! Just next to the interactive zone!

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