The main objective of team building on ice is to improve communication and positive attitude amongst coworkers and the company. There are many companies that promote teamwork using games and leisure activities.

Xtraice rinks promote sports, fun, coordination, teamwork and many other beneficial activities for team building. Here is a little more information:


Why have team building activities on Xtraice rinks?

There are several reasons that make a synthetic ice rink perfect for team building activities.

The first reason is it ́s technology and innovation. Xtraice panels absorb the impact on falls reducing the pain and they do not get your clothes wet as the surface is not cold nor wet.

Ice skating is an activity that requires muscular strength and coordination. This keeps the team in good shape physically and mentally, hence happier and this makes for a more positive attitude to the work environment. When it comes to games and group activities on ice, coworkers will improve communication among each other building up trust and ownership.

Another important reason for the use of Xtraice rinks for team building would be its versatility. Xtraice rinks can adapt to any shape, space, color or designs. Because we are manufacturers, we can insert your company logo or promotional advertisement. This can be done both on the ice surface as on the barriers.

Xtraice rinks do not consume power nor water and, therefore, do not require big and noisy generators. This allows to be installed in smaller spaces and to reduce considerably on water and electric bills.

Also, our synthetic ice rinks can be installed and taken down in just one day, without specialised technicians, which make it a good option for offices and work spaces.

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