Over the last 12 years, Xtraice has become the global and innovative leader in the synthetic ice industry, with presence in over 85 countries. The company had previously installed an ice rink in Turkey and therefore decided to focus further on this market due to the various possibilities offered there.
Due to its expertise and best practices, the company grows into different markets around the globe. Climate and season of the year have never prevented Xtraice from moving forward and delivering the best service to their customers. Moreover, synthetic ice rinks make ice-skating possible in the areas where sunbathing is possible all year round. Xtraice has not only stretched the boundaries of leisure activities in regions with warm climate but has also enabled ice-skating during the summer months, constantly proving that there are no limits in any projects.
Turkey is more than just sunny beaches. There are considerable contrasts between the summer and winter weather. Xtraice sees it as an opportunity because synthetic ice rinks can be used all year round and are not dependent on the weather conditions.
Saving money
Nowadays, the Xtraice synthetic ice rinks are a relative new business idea conquering the world. One of the most beneficial points is the fact that the maintenance-costs are zero. As an example, if you compare a synthetic ice rink with a conventional one, based on a one-month rental period of a 400m2 rink you clearly see the profit.
A conventional rink of 400m2 consumes around 11.200 kilowatts; 27.000 liters of water; and emits 11 CO2 tons into the atmosphere. In comparison, the consumption of the Xtraice rinks is zero so the economic- and energy savings are considerable.
Xtraice Technology
Xtraice combines the best materials with efforts of scientists and sport professionals to create the unique and excellent artificial ice-panels, which can satisfy the needs of every customer due to their adaptability. The panels are tested by the strictest quality controls and have a unique serial number certifying their origin and quality.
Xtraice panels have the lowest level of shavings, making the rinks more economically efficient and reducing the cleaning and maintenance costs.
Moreover, Xtraice has developed a technology of self-lubricated ice-surface, that provides the highest gliding level. The company is also the proud creator of the lowest coefficient of friction that ensures the highest gliding level in the synthetic ice industry and makes little difference with conventional ice rinks.
Xtraice´s quality has been approved by the company’s numerous distinguished customers worldwide, as well as by the various award-giving bodies. For instance, DHL Atlas, who recognizes the export-companies with a strong environmental work, has awarded Xtraice.
Xtraice has developed an environmentally sustainable business that has obtained ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 certificates, which distinguish themselves from the other players in the industry.
Now people in Turkey have more possibilities to experience the best synthetic ice in the market and the excellent customer service, due to the Turkish website and the highly qualified sales team, which is ready to carry out projects of any scale and complexity.

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