Xtraice continues installing synthetic ice rinks in Asia, where the high temperatures are common during the whole year. This is precisely the reason our synthetic ice surface is the perfect material to harbor year round ice skating facilities.
OPI Malls´ decision to invest in an Xtraice rink – which will be the first and only rink in the city of Palembang along with the low operation costs of Xtraice rinks will allow the rink to be installed permanently and offer the citizens an opportunity to skate year round.
On this occasion, Xtraice has installed this 730m2 rink at an important shopping mall of Palembang, the capital of South Sumatra. The skating rink has had an amazing success among local people, who have flocked to the new mall in overwhelming groups to take part in an activity that is both uncommon and foreign in the country.

Are you also thinking of installing a synthetic ice rink in your town?

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