The winter period has just begun and with it, the Xtraice high-season.Our staff are currently all over the world setting up ice rinks in different locations. France seems to be loving Xtraice this year, it has the most artificial ice rink installations.
Many councils have chosen Xtraice this year to hire the ice rinks as the centre piece for the Christmas festivities. Lots of other facilities are taking advantage of this winter season to buy a synthetic ice rink which allows them to skate on it the whole year round.
 Some of the cities where you will be able to skate on the Xtraice ice rinks throughout this Christmas are: Saverne, La Baule, Donges, Montluçon, San Martin de Crau, Aubigny, Auxonne, Villarembert, Carquefou, Chateauneuf le Rouge, Champs Sur Marne, Saint Soupplets, Le Grau-du-Rois, Le Blanc Mesnil, Rodez and Fontenay aux Roses.

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