More and more parts of the world are buying our ecological rinks. In this occasion Saudi Arabia has been the country that already has 3 of our installations. Concretely, Taif has been the last city in question, after Xtraice has set up rinks in the cities of Jeddah and Sharafiyah.
The skating rink, that foresees it will be inaugurated in the next few days. It will be located exactly at Ramada Al Hada Hotel, a center situated in The Sarawat Mountains, a mountain range running parallel to the Arabian Peninsula.

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  1. Dear Xtraice,

    Actually I have interest to start my business with synthetic ice rink. Therefore, I would like to receive a call or email regarding the synthetic ice rink that you offer.
    Cell phone +966536444437

    • Hello,thank you for contacting us. Could you give us your email ? One of our agents is going to get in touch with you as soon as possible. Have a good day!

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