As a part of our proximity policy we have with our clients, Xtraice has decided to open a new showroom in Europe. Nice (France) has been chosen to host new new site due to its strategic location and accesibility to Western Europe.
The new showroom in France will have a synthetic ice rink spanning 72 square meters, which will serve as a product testing area for visiting clients. Also, professional skaters from the Xtraice team will be available at the opening to demonstrate the high gliding capabilities of our synthetic ice surface.
Furthermore, the new facility will showcase some of the different equipment and accesories we offer to create a complete skating experience such as: lights, sound, boards, advertisement vinyls, skates, sharpening machines, and even logos embebed on our syntehtic ice panels.
This showroom in France is the third one opened in Europe, following the inaugural two opened in Seville (Spain) and Moscow (Russia).
If you are interested in visiting any of our headquarters in Europe, please contact us ahead of time and we will schedule an appointment as soon as possible.

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