The Xtraice rink with a size of 300m2 was installed in the first week of June in Marina di Loano and in the first week of August was moved to the city of Torriglia.  The exhibition titled ‘Versus Mare’ aims to popularize the cultural history of the noble family of ‘Doria’ which share a rich cultural tie to the region.
The original idea for the event was to offer the youth an active and fun activity while parents were visiting the extraordinary works or art in the nearby museum.  The rink was installed outdoors amongst the 2 colossal statues of Montorsoli Andrea Doria and his successor, Giovanni Andrea winner of Lepanto.
As part of the festivities, Princess Doria Pamphili came with his rowing frigate in the marina and challenged any person from the city to try to beat the former skating champion of Italy.  Anyone that achieved this would be granted a free weekend in Rome visiting the famous collection of works and art of the noble family.
Another feature of the rink is the 32m2 embedded logo representing the coat of arms of the 3 noble families: Dora, Pamphili and Floridi which is surrounded by a frame of blue roses.

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