What should you consider of synthetic ice price??
Let’s talk about synthetic ice price. What is the point in investing in a cheap synthetic ice rink if nobody can skate on it?
The rule “You get what you pay for” defines the market of synthetic ice rinks in the best way possible. To avoid the possible implications, it´s worth investing to get a premium quality product that will perform highly and last its lifetime in optimal conditions. If you’re intention is to use the rink as a business, this means protecting your profits.

What should you consider of synthetic ice rink price?


Not all companies that claim to be manufacturers actually are. Make sure you invest in a company that; provides the support that you need when faced with unforeseen challenges, fulfils guarantees and is equipped with a team of experts available to service your needs at all times.
How to choose a worthy manufacturer? Xtraice, unlike many other companies in the synthetic ice business, manufactures its own ice at an ultra high molecular weight and employs the latest technologies in order to produce the most durable, green, and ice-like product on the market. Our self-lubricating formula ensures that minimal effort is required to skate and that Xtraice responds almost identically as conventional ice. Simply put, our mission is to make you forget that you’re not on real ice.



Skate blade abrasion is an important factor in determining synthetic ice price, and in this area Xtraice stands far above the rest. Our panels feature the lowest skate blade abrasion on the market, while other cheaper synthetic ice causes rapid abrasion as well as excessive shavings and debris, which complicate skating and maintenance. Xtraice has developed a molecular structure and a friction coefficient that minimize these pitfalls, making an Xtraice synthetic ice rink an economically sound investment



It’s very important that the skater does not notice the connections between the panels when gliding over the surface.
At Xtraice we use a combination of the tongue and groove connection system and high precision manufacturing, using a numerically controlled process that assures the smoothness of the rink’s surface. This costly process makes Xtraice rinks completely seamless throughout their lifetime and you’ll never know that you’re moving from one panel to the next.



The combination of high density panels and proper UV treatment means they are resistant to very high and low temperatures (-80 to 100 Celsius), in addition to sunlight and that they maintain their glide and natural color throughout their entire life span. When it comes to protecting your investment, durability is essential.



Xtraice rinks have very low maintenance costs and can provide their owners with various streams of revenue, from ticketed entry to events and merchandising. All Xtraice panels come with a long term warranty (6 and 12 years, depending on the model) so that our clients know that we’re confident in their investment. We stand behind the high quality of our materials and our manufacturing process.


Xtraice offers not only high-quality products but also outstanding customer service in any part of the world. We consider every customer’s desires and are always ready to suggest fresh and interesting solutions for their benefit. Technical support at all stages of the project is an integral part of our daily operations. We aid our clients in developing their businesses with the aim of creating long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation. crypto sportsbook



Don’t forget that not all estimates for synthetic ice rinks include the same accessories. There are other essential products apart from the ice panels, such as the barrier system, skates, skate sharpening machine and cleaning machine.

Join the Xtraice world today. For more information, don’t hesitate to contact us!


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    I am busy with some research on getting a practice rink going for figure skating in the Western Cape, South Africa. Can I please get a qoute on a standard Olympic size rink setup please.

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