Synthetic ice installation: How long does it take to set it up? Is it a simple procedure? How many people does the setup require?

The synthetic ice rink installation is one of the most worrying aspects. How long does it take to set up a synthetic ice rink? Is it a simple procedure? How many people does the setup require? What’s the difference between a conventional ice rink and a synthetic one? Next, we’ll try to break down these questions to help you understand the process of setting up an Xtraice rink.


How long does it take to install a synthetic ice rink?

Our rinks allow a swift and easy setup, being able to install a 50m2 in just an hour.


How many people are needed to set up an Xtraice rink?

The number of people needed will depend on the size of the rink and how quickly they need it set up. However, we recommend 4 people per rink.


Is the installation complicated?

The installation process is simple. In fact, many of our clients decide to do the installation themselves following a video guide and using our installation kit.


What’s the difference between installing a conventional ice rink and a synthetic ice rink?

Synthetic ice rinks do not require any power system for refrigeration nor for its maintenance. This facilitates the installation, which simply requires placing and connecting the panels. In the case of with a conventional ice rink, the process is much more complicated.
In this case, for indoor rinks, an insulated, temperature regulated space with walls and ceiling is required. In cases where the rinks are outdoors, the power required and its usage increases even more.
Conventional ice rinks require an efficient refrigeration plant to maintain ideal temperatures, which will include a condenser, evaporator, humidifier, dry ventilation system {for indoor rinks} and a complex tubing system under the rink.
This means that, for an average 200m2 rink, 7-10 days for installation of a conventional ice rink and just 1 day for an Xtraice rink.

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