The current covid19 crisis has led us to reinvent ourselves and look for alternatives to continue our daily routines prior to the current situation. If you have arrived here it is because you are looking to continue your skating workouts at home and are looking for a synthetic ice for figure skating.


Xtraice synthetic ice for figure skating

How can I practice figure skating at home? Is it possible?

Yes, of course it is possible! In fact it’s one of the most frequent questions we receive. But please be aware that not just any synthetic ice is worth it. It must be a high quality synthetic ice that guarantees skating with a feeling almost identical to that of conventional ice. This is the case for Xtraice synthetic ice. We offer a gliding sensation with 95% similarity to that of real ice. In addition, it is essential to choose synthetic ice with self-lubricated panels, like Xtraice. 


Can I replicate all the movements of figure skating?

Of course! The Xtraice synthetic ice surface allows you to train in such a similar way that all movements such as stunts, jumps, etc. are possible on our synthetic ice. Also, our material is so resistant, that the marks made by the tips of the skates will not negatively impact the skating experience. Xtraice panels are made of a very durable, high density polymer. 

Also, now is the time to practice the most complex and demanding movements. The impact of a fall on our surface does less damage than that caused by real ice. It has slightly more give than unforgiving real ice.


Will my skates be damaged by skating on synthetic ice?

Our synthetic ice panels will not harm your skates, although more frequent sharpening of the blades will be necessary. However, our panels have such a low level of friction that they do not dull the blades as much as other lower quality synthetic ice brands.


Figure skaters on Xtraice

If you still have doubts, don’t take our word for it, but that of the world’s best! The best figure skaters have used our Xtraice for their practice needs. Olympic and World Champion, Javier Fernández, frequently uses our rinks; as well as Surya Bonali, world medalist and five-time European Champion, who has had Xtraice synthetic ice to train at home.



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