Have you thought about how to increase the benefits of your ski resort without increasing the price of the ski pass? Attract more people and get your regular customers to consume and spend more at your resort.
In the following article, we will talk about the advantages of an Xtraice synthetic ice rink in a ski resort.

Advantages of Synthetic ice rinks for a ski resort

Synthetic ice rinks represent a novel idea, that few ski hills have considered, and will improve the ecological image of your ski resort while increasing profits.

Why install an ice rink at a ski resort?

1)Increase your income by selling tickets for ice skating.
The rink is an alternative attraction for ski fans and will also be the main activity for those families who do not ski and visit the ski hill to spend the day and enjoy a day of snow and skating.
In addition, once the different ski slopes are closed at the end of the day, it will be an ideal time for your customers to enjoy going for a skate on your synthetic ice rink.
Also, those parents who want to enjoy the ski quietly or simply prefer to have a drink in the village can leave their children on the Xtraice skating rink, thus increasing of your income through the sale of tickets.
2) Increase in traffic.
In addition to offering more fun activities to customers who already visit your ski resort, you can attract a new crowd, those people who like ice skating.
Ice skating can be both a sports or leisure activity, and both delight all audiences. In addition, there is the possibility of organizing Hockey games to also attract the hockey crowd.
3) Differentiation.
Get ahead of your competition by offering a wider variety of fun and healthy activities. Very few ski resorts have other activities besides skiing.
In the case of synthetic ice, you can also create an ecological image for your ski resort. You do not need water for installation and maintenance, which means you will be tacking care of the environment while increasing the income.
4) Extend the season of the station. The ski season does not usually last long, as it depends on the weather conditions. Sometimes the hills open later than expected and sometimes even close for few days midseason due to bad weather. Your clients, in general, normally book their holidays in advance and it is very frustrating for them to get to the ski hill and find many runs closed and few alternative activities to do.
So what do you do? How do you deal with those days when only a few runs are open due to lack of snow?
In these cases, which are becoming more and more frequent, having an alternative attraction always open, regardless of weather conditions or the season, is a great way to offer and guaranteed good time to your visitors.
One of the biggest upsides of an Xtraice rink at your ski hill is how it will attract visitors even in summer months. Ice skating in the summer sun surrounded by mountains is a unique way for people to spend their leisure time.

And why synthetic ice for your ski resort?

Synthetic ice, also known as ecological ice, is a product made with ecological substances and with the latest technology, which offers a gliding sensation very similar to traditional ice or conventional ice, but with many more advantages.
Among them, we highlight the following:
– Low maintenance cost: it does not require electricity or water for its maintenance, since it does not require the use of costly compressors to keep the ice cold. Maintenance costs with Xtraice are zero, thus achieving significant monthly savings compared to conventional rinks.
– Quick and easy installation: it does not require specialized personnel and most rinks which can be installed in one day or less.
– Use Xtraice rinks all 12 months of the year, regardless of extreme temperature changes or weather conditions.
– The Possibility of personalized rink: customized shapes, sizes and even insertion of the company logo.


Installing a synthetic ice rink improves your business by increasing visits to the ski resort, differentiating yourself from your competition and by augmenting profits.

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