As part of an official visit to discuss political and economic matters, Kerry took time to speak to a handful of Spain´s most successful business leaders and remarked that he was surprised by the “amazing innovation and incredible spirit of the Spanish entrepreneurs.”
Of his visit to the event, held at the Google Center, Kerry said he “met with some Spanish entrepreneurs who are young kids starting up incredible things.” In regards to the environmental impact of green businesses, such as Xtraice ecological rinks, Kerry commented “it’s the kind of innovative thinking that we need to see take root in every corner of the globe. It is the future (…).Everybody here has a role to play in accelerating this movement towards the low-carbon economy. And the real kicker is that innovations in clean energy and energy efficiency, they don’t just stave off the worst impacts of climate change. They’re also going to grow our economies, and they’re going to employ our communities”.

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